Places to visit


Mt Elgon National Park lies on the slopes of Mt. Elgon covering 169 km square 30 km from Kitale town. The attractions include a variety of forest vegetation, wild life including buffalo, baboons, waterbucks, bush bucks, zebras, tree hyraxes, giant forest hogs, among others not forgetting the elusive elephants that sleep in the caves especially Kitum with salty deposits that attract elephants. It has several camping sites bandas within the park and several mountain peaks and water falls. We also have Mt. Elgon lodge close to the park providing exquisite accommodation. Mt Elgon is probably one of the under sold attractions in the Western Tourism Circuit. Activities to do at Mt Elgon are Hiking to Koitoboss Peak or Lower Circuit, Cave exploration, game watching, bird watching Scenery. Camping etc


Saiwa National Park, 22 km from Kitale town off Kitale Kapenguria road, it is the smallest park in Kenya and home of the endangered Sitatunga antelope. Lying on a 2.9km2 it’s the only protected area for the Sitatunga, breeding and roosting site for crested crane. Other attractions include the De braza monkey, 372 bird species, butterflies, a 7km trail in the park, Picnic and camping sites, a tree top house an information center etc. Activities that can be done at Saiwa include Nature Hikes, Game Watching, Bird Watching (Crested Cranes), camping, team building etc.


Also referred to as Western museums of Kenya commonly referred, this museum was started in 1972 by Colonel Stoneham and established in 1975. It sits on 83 acres of land in the heart of Kitale town. The Museum has a snake park, gallery (public information) that houses historical and cultural artifacts, traditional homesteads (Nandi, Sabaot, Luhya), a zero grazing unit that feeds into the Bio gas unit, The Nature reserve forest with a trail, an indigenous riverine forest, a home of De’braza monkey (endangered). This forest is a water catchment area with a stream. It is a home of over 75 bird species. Kitale museum is a great facility for learning with a library . Activities that can be done at Kitale Museum include, Nature Walks (Short Hike), Camping, Bird Watching, Primate tracking (Debrazza & Colobus Monkeys), cultural tours etc


Kitale Nature Conservancy is a private conservancy 2Km from Kitale town along Kitale Kapenguria road and sits on 200 hectares of land. Main attractions in the conservancy include close to 800 indigenous tree species (botanical garden), Biblical Mountain which is a unique feature that express the foundation upon which the conservancy built, 1.5 km nature trail through a riverine forest with 360 species of birds 8 species of butterflies, Caged wildlife (Lion, spotted hyena, Nile crocodiles, Maasai Ostrich, Tortoise, Common Duaker Antelope, Bushbuck Antelope, Olive Baboon, De braza monkey, Rock hyraxes, Albino Rats etc). It’s a center of learning and research. Unique features are The global warming model that shows the different layers of the atmosphere and explains the causes, effects as well as mitigation measures to reducing global warming in the world with special reference to increasing the carbon sink by mainly planting trees. The Wetlands model that explains the characteristics of wet lands and the significance of protecting the biodiversity found in the wetland areas especially the species that depend on these areas for survival such as the endangered Sitatunga and the Grey Crowned Crane bird Other models include the creation model, the evolution of man model, Activities that can be dcone at Kitale Nature Conservancy include Academic Reserch, Bird Watching, Game watching, Campimg. Nature Walk ect.


Kapolet forest on the slopes of Cherengany is not just the source of River Nzoia that drains into Lake Victoria but rich in indigenous tree species, birds, butterflies, monkeys and much more. Kapolet forest is the home of the indigenous Sengwer community who culture is alive through the Sengwer Cultural Center. Activities to do at Kapolet include Nuture Hikes, Camping, Bird Watching cultural experience among others.


Kiptogot Forest is ….Kilometers from Kitale town of Kitale Suam road. It is abougt 10 243 ha in size. Interesting featurfes at Kiptogot include Caves and cultural sites, 3 Rivers, Kiptogot Mubere and Kaptega flow from this forest. Othe attractions include the Colobus monkey, birds waterfalls etc. Activities that can be done at Kiptogot are Hikes, Camping, Cave exploration, Cultural tours etc Kiptogot is a community resource and therefore manages by the community through the Community Forest Association.